Charting the Future Together, presented by: American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

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    Charting the Future Together is a collaborative discovery and exploration journey, and we’d love to have you join us in shaping the future of our nursing community! With our mission of driving excellence in acute and critical care nursing, AACN aims to inspire every nurse in our community to discover personal connections, pursue clinical advancement, and cultivate a deeper sense of purpose in your support of patients and families. In doing so, we can collectively advocate for and drive toward our vision of a healthcare system driven by the needs of nurses, patients and families.

    The Goal: With Charting the Future Together, the goal is to gather a wide range of input from our diverse community, including members, non-members, and nursing students, to understand the current and future needs of the profession. We hope to involve as many individuals as possible throughout the different stages of this program and we will keep you updated on developments as they progress.

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    Our Partner: We are excited to be partnering with Hackworks to create and deliver this experience. The Hackworks team brings years of experience in the innovation program space and are leaders in leveraging co-creation to deliver meaningful results.

    How to Participate: This journey will be conducted in four main phases taking place virtually over the upcoming months. Each phase will involve input and feedback from the acute and critical care nursing community. You can choose how you would like to be involved - you will have the option to participate in live group sessions or share your thoughts independently on the website. We invite you to consider joining us for one (or more) of these phases to share your perspectives and expertise. Your participation in these workshops and exercises will be instrumental in guiding our efforts to better support you.

    1. Phase 1:Understand and Define (2-4 hours between July 22 - August 2)
    2. Phase 2:Ideate (2-4 hours between September 9 - 20)
    3. Phase 3:Decide and Prototype (2-4 hours between October 28 - November 8)
    4. Phase 4:Validation (1-2 hours between December 2 - January 20)

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